Friday, January 25, 2008
A SHOT in the ARM
Usually when you hear the expression "A Shot in the Arm" you think it means, you got energized or inspired about something.

In this case I mean it literally.

Time for your shots!

Every year before I go to Florida I see my internist for my annual physical. While there I requested the doctor give me the vaccine to prevent shingles. He told me that I probably would have to pay for it out of my own pocket. I knew that shot could cost anywhere from $155.00 to well over $200.00. No problem.

The reason I was so gunho about getting the shot was that a friend of mine had the shingles last year and had a very difficult time, she was hospitalized and then had to spend some time in a rehabilitation center. She has not been the same since!

Sure enough, I recently received a bill for $155.00 for the Zoster vaccine. Medicare - non covered charges, Blue Cross -non covered charges. Before I pay this bill I want to make sure that I am responsible for payment.

One afternoon I allowed time to make phone calls to Blue Cross and Medicare. I got through to Blue Cross quickly - no, I'm not covered, but when I called Medicare it was a different story, waiting time - twenty minutes, ok, I had a book in one hand and the phone in the other hand, no I'm not covered. The person I spoke with suggested I call Blue Cross back and ask for "an exception."

I did that, "no exception."

One reason I kept at it was I have a friend who got the shot last year and she did not to have pay, so Millie was not going to give up the ship.

The next step was to call my medicine provider. "no, not covered." The person I spoke with was very knowledgeable, helpful and understanding. According to her, the United States government passed a bill last year stating that Medicare would cover the cost of the vaccine for people 60 and over. She also told me that a few months ago the AARP magazine had an article that stated that Medicare would pick up the cost of the vaccine.

What's happening now reminds me of what I went though with my computer - When I spoke with the computer repair person he said it was a Comcast problem and when I spoke with Comcast they said it was a computer problem.

Next week when I have no place to rush off to, I'll get on the phone with Medicare and see how they response to my new information.

From what I have been reading less than 2 percent have gotten the vaccine against shingles, a painful skin rash that strikes 1 million a year.

Have you had the vaccine and if so, did your insurance cover the cost?

More info:

Shingles vaccine a $150 puncture.

Are shingles vaccine shots covered by medicare?

Does Medicare cover the shingles vaccine?
October 10, 2007 8:48 AM

You may want to check with Medicare about this. I found this info on the web:

For patients over 65, Medicare will begin paying for the shingles vaccine in January, 2007 - but not the way it pays for the most widely used adult inoculations, flu shots, which are fully covered. Instead, the shingles vaccine will be treated like a prescription drug, with varying co-pays depending on a patient's drug plan.

Does Medicare cover vaccines and immunizations?
If you have a Medicare prescription drug plan (Part D), you may be able to get coverage for other types of vaccines, such as the vaccine for shingles (herpes zoster). As of 2008, any commercially-available vaccine that is not covered by Part B should be covered by your Medicare prescription drug plan. Your Part D plan will pay for the vaccination itself and for your doctor to give you the shot (administration). However, you will need to make sure you follow your particular plan’s rules in order for the vaccine to be covered.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008
The BOYS and The GIRLS
Once upon a time, in the town of Delray Beach, there was a family that was made up of a father, mother, five sons and two daughters. The father had a small fruit and vegetable business.

When the boys grow old enough to have their own business they set up a tent and followed in their father's footsteps but on a larger scale. The tent was very large and the containers that housed the fruit and veggies were also very large.

Photo: Justin Knol CC BY-NC

When you approached the tent you saw huge displays of tomatoes. Once you got into the tent there were workers who were cutting up fruit and handing out samples. The fruit was delicious and the price was right.

"The Boys" were very likable and very good business men. The story goes that there was a lady who showed up on a regular basis, not buy anything but eat a lot of samples. One of the help reported her to "The Boy." His reaction was, "if she needs to do that, don't bother her."

A few years ago they did away with the tent and now run their business in a very large store in which they sell everything from soup to nuts. They still give out samples! At this point in time the store and the parking lot are not big enough!

When I came down this season, I discovered that the mother and sister of the boys opened up a market called "The Girls Strawberry U-Pick Farm."

When you walk out of the market's back door you're in the midst pf hydroponic heaven. Before you, growing in vertically stacked containers, are strawberries, tomatoes and other fruits and veggies.

Years ago when I had out of town guests I would take them to see the tent, and in later years I would take them to the store.

Now if you come visit me I will take you to visit "The Girls."

"The Boys" and "The Girls" will live happily ever after with fruit and veggies for everyone.

The End

More info:
Hydroponic U-pick farm opens in Delray Beach

Behind The Seeds at Epcot®

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Saturday, January 12, 2008
Well, it looks like I'm finally on the road to recovery. It took a lot of phone calls, a computer guru, Steve and Comcast to get this computer to behave.

For a while there it looked like I was either going to have to go wireless or buy a new computer. Somehow everything is A-OK now!

I Missed Blogging
I missed blogging and reading what my fellow bloggers were up to. I've been thinking about how much I look forward to participating in this grand world of the internet. It's something that I have been doing for about four years now and it's a daily ritual, like brushing your teeth. How would you feel if you could not brush everyday?

At The Movies with Millie

Even though there has been trouble in paradise I've still managed to have some fun. I've seen more movies in the short time I've been here then what I usually get to see up north.

Here's a list of what movies I have seen and "My Opinion"

No Country for Old Men - 2 1/2 Cheers
August Rush - 3 Cheers
Charlie Wilson's War - 3 Cheers
Atonement - 3 Cheers
The Great Debaters - 5 Cheers

The other night Lanie Kazan appeared at the club house - She's a beautiful woman and still has a great voice. She's a lot heavier now but aren't we all! I had a great seat - fourth row, center.

What I Like About Florida
There are a lot of things that I like about Florida, the weather goes with out saying, movies near by, wonderful library, art shows, lectures, theater, Flea markets and great places to eat and lots of people to do them with.

Another big plus for me is, I get together with friends I know, who live in Massachusetts, but I don't get to see because they live to far away. That happens a lot down here - you go to a restaurant and you see large tables of ten or twelve - they come from all over and meet with old friends and family.

Now that I have updated you on some of my doings, I'll be playing catch-up and will be dropping by to see what you have been up to!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Boy was I surprised when I sat down at the computer and it was working!! I don't know how long this is going to last but, here goes.

I had a computer expert come over to my condo to check out my laptop and see what the trouble was. He found that my interface got damaged. Florida is notorious for brown- outs and might have caused the problem.

He suggested I go to Comcast and try a different modem. Another suggestion was to "go wireless." Since my computer is four years old it could be difficult to get the necessary parts. He's going to try and see if eBay has what I need.

As far as what's doing in Florida:

More people
More traffic
New restaurants
Some old favorites gone
My very favorite clothing store - gone
Weather - beautiful
At a meeting last night - I won $10.00!!

Now, I'm holding my breath, let's see if this gets posted.

I hope I get pleasantly surprised!!! ;-)

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