Sunday, December 26, 2010
Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
the wind is not delightful,
since I have someplace to go,
Let it Blow!, Let it Blow! Let it Blow!

I just couldn't resist writing the above paragraph (with tongue in cheek.) ;-)

The weatherman reports that it is a very windy and cold afternoon and predicts that it will get much colder tonight.

This cold spell will not keep me home. My plan is to bundle up with a turtleneck, vest, jacket and gloves and go forth into the wild blue yonder!!

la neige n'a pas fondu partout
la neige n'a pas fondu partout by Bertrand Eberhard CC BY-NC

Parts of the country are being hit with huge snowstorms.

Funny, the thing that just came to my mind about snowstorms is the aftermath.

When my son was little I would get his snowsuit on, take him out for some fresh air, and no sooner were we outside, it was just so cold that we had to go back into the house AND I had to take his snowsuit off. What a job!!!

How do today's mothers deal with getting their kids into and out of their winter clothes?

Have things gotten easier?

The decision has been made, I'm going to get into my "skivies" and fight the wind!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Visited States Image

One thing for sure - the temperature in Florida has not gone up since I've been here, we've even had heavy rains yesterday. I've worn turtle necks, vests and jackets for days, just the other day finally just wearing lighter clothes so it's getting somewhat better.


Got her Carriage Back

It seems that the markets down here are very happy with the arrival of the snowbirds. They know we need EVERYTHING so they up the prices of their merchandise. They have sales to entice us to buy more but "buyer beware." "Buy one, get one free" so - it may not be a good deal if you are paying a lot for one!


Buick Eight

I know gas prices all over the country are high but Florida has to be one of the states that gets the prize for what it cost to fill up your tank. I just paid $3.09 a gallon - I don't drive any great distance down here but for the working person who has to drive to work, it is costly.


The Oatmeal

Years ago you could get a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner here in Florida for a very reasonable price. That was a long time ago. Now the best deal in town is "BREAKFAST."

I'm not an early bird but when some newly arrived friends invited me to join them for breakfast I said "yes."

I had a small bowl of oatmeal served with raisins and brown sugar, two sunny side eggs, a toasted bagel, cream cheese and all the coffee you want for $3.59!!

The thing is I don't like getting out that early and I don't need or want a big breakfast like that. I won't do that again, I'd rather have my calories later in the day.


Movies Edited with Final Cut Pro

The one thing that is "DOWN" here in Florida is the price of a movie ticket. Up North I have paid as much as $9.50, and that's a senior ticket!

Here in Florida a movie ticket is $5.00 for a senior!! Anytime!!

Finally got to see Mao's Last Dancer - Movie got a poor review but "word of mouth" has kept the movie in one of the theaters here in Florida for the past FOUR MONTHS. It's a dramatic true story and if you love ballet, you will love this movie.

Another movie that got a poor review was Burlesque but "word of mouth" brought people into the theater, me included. I could have missed it. To quote one reviewer, "a ridiculous musical." I felt bad for Stanley Tucci who had to take part in this film. He did the best he could with the material.

What's up in your neighborhood?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

From the minute my feet hit the ground the fun started! While I waited to pick up my luggage Steve went to pick up the rental car that he reserved, it was a Mercedes! Beautiful!

Picked this Mercedes up yesterday ;-)
Photo: Mercedes Hertz Rental with Massachusetts Plates!

Steve and Carol checked into the Marriott Hotel in Delray Beach which is right across the street from the Atlantic Ocean! Beautiful!

Delray Beach
Photo: Marriott Delray Beach.

Before we knew it, it was time for dinner. Where else to go for our first dinner in Delray but to our beloved 3 G's restaurant! Carol knew just what she wanted, her favorite hot pastrami sandwich on 3 G's delicous white rye.

Hot Pastrami Sandwich
Photo: Carol with 3 G's Hot Pastrami

Steve was overwhelmed by the choices - he liked everything and finally decided on a turkey dinner. Dinners include everything from soup to nuts.

Turkey Dinner with Potato Pancakes
Photo: 3 G's Turkey Dinner

I'm very familiar with the menu and noticed that the restaurant has added something new. The description of "Bubbies Bowl" appealed to me, it contains chicken soup, two matzo balls, two kreplahl, chunks of carrots and celery, noodles and one half of a boiled chicken!!!!! Oh, my goodness!!! That bowl could easily feed four people!!!!

Photot: 3 G's Bubbie's Bowl

Steve and Carol were very happy to help me out. It goes without saying I took a lot home!!!! I won't even tell you about the dessert we had.

The next morning my car was delivered, Steve and Carol helped me unpack, then it was off to the supermarket to stock up on groceries.

Before we knew it, it was time to think about "Dinner." Steve checked "Yelp" for restaurants in the area and found "Seasons 52."

What a fabulous place!!! All entrees contain no more than 450 calories. Carol had a salmon salad plate which I won't even attempt to describe.

Steve and I had broiled salmon on a plank. What an unbelievable dish that was. Here's a photo:

Season's 52 Cedar Plank Salmon
Photo: Season's 52 Salmon on a Plank


The desserts are served in small glasses, great choices, maybe six spoonfuls in each serving, just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Season's 52 Desserts
Photo: Season's 52 Desserts

Carol had carrot cake, Steve had Pecan Pie and I had key lime pie.

Season's 52 Desserts
Photo: Season's 52 desserts

Most of their restaurants are in the South, one is in New Jersey. I hope some day they expand to the New England area.


It's a good thing I packed some clothes for cold weather, two days were cold, today warm and the same is predicted for tomorrow than the weather man says another cold spell will start Sunday night. Who cares, I'm having fun no matter what the weather is!!

Sunday, December 05, 2010
UPDATE on the Jewish Federation of the North Shore "ish" video contest:

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to vote for me and am happy that you enjoyed "my joke." The news is, I didn't win. "C'est la vie."


Mom Goes to Florida
Photo: Millie at the airport

This is it, my last post before I fly off to Florida for the winter!

I want you to know how lucky you are:

You didn't have to make all those telephone calls to stop & start newspaper deliveries, stop and start phone service, disconnect cable and internet service, stop and start mail delivery, visit your internist, dentist, podiatrist, make arrangements for the car to be transported to Florida buy airline tickets and decide what to pack for the season.

I do think I did better this year, didn't take quite as many clothes as previous years. One reason is that before I packed the items I tried them on.

Oh my goodness, lots of clothes did not fit! Hopefully I'll find some clothes that fit while I'm in Florida.

I've been complaining about the shops here in the North. The clothes that I find in the stores are manufactured in places like Hong Kong, Indonesia, and countries I have never heard of, and most are made of cotton and SPANDEX!

Maybe people in those countries can wear spandex, but not the average senior.

Now all I have to do is clean out the refrigerator, change the linens and do the laundry.

Mom's Fridge
Photo: Refrigerator

Looking forward to the time when I get on the plane, just relax and do nothing until I get to Florida AND THEN I have to connect the computer, go food shopping and UNPACK!

Mom's Home buying Jazz Apples!
Photo: Shopping

See how luck you are - all you have to do read my blog and you to can have the Florida experience without leaving home.

I know, I know - in some cases you will have to deal with the freezing cold weather and shovel snow. ;-)

Whatever you do - Enjoy!!!

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