Sunday, July 30, 2006
The Bold and the Beautiful
The Bold and the Beautiful
Millie with Daniel McVicar.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006
Millie Garfield Keynote at Blogher
Millie Garfield tells how blogging changed her life, at the opening
session of Blogher Day 2.

I grabbed the first 3:00 minutes of my mom talkking about blogging at Blogher this morning. My Canon S400 just takes three minutes at a time.

Check here for a more.

Friday, July 28, 2006
Reporting Poolside from Blogher
Reporting from poolside at Blogher about the excitement of meeting other bloggers for the first time.

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Jay, Millie and Schlomo at Blogher
Jay, Millie and Schlomo

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
I'll be flying off to San Jose, Ca. tomorrow for the Blogher conference. Steve will be joining me so I am sure to have loads of pictures and even video blogs of our time there.

I'm looking forward to meeting bloggers that I have exchanged comments and e-mails with and some that I have visited on the internet, heard about, seen their videoblogs and read their stories!

Last summer I got to meet Toby Bloomberg at the American Marketing Conference in Boston. Toby is going to be at Blogher, it will be great seeing her again..

And if that is not enough, I'm going to get to spend time with my son Steve who got me started Blogging and as Tabor from over at Tabordays said he's my press agent and technical support. What could be better then that!

Just checked the weather forecast for San Jose - tomorrow 89 degrees - Friday 86 degrees and Saturday 82 degrees.
They have been in the 100's, I'm happy that the temperature will be cooler when we get there.

There will be plenty of hot topics, we don't need the weather to be hot too.

Bye for now.

Saturday, July 22, 2006
Recently I made a post entitled "Strange Things Are Happening," well would you believe I have another unusual "something" that happened.

Last Wednesday, July 19, I had the opportunity to hear the award-winning novelist Julia Glass at an event held at the Swampscott Public Library. Ms. Glass read from her new novel The Whole World Over. I must say that hearing her read a section of the book did not peak my interest.

Following the reading, there was a question and answer session which I enjoyed very much. She was very animated and has a great sense of humor.

Julia Glass's first novel, Three Junes, won the 2002 National Book Award for Fiction and was also a selection of ABC/Good Morning America's READ THIS! Book Club.

That evening when I got home, what do you think I did, as always, I have to check my messages and catch up with my blogging buddies posts. First, I went to one of my favorites, Terri over at Island Writer and what do you know -- She mentions another favorite of mine Judy from JustAsk Judy who wants to know how Terri is enjoying "The Three Junes."

I just heard the author in person a short while ago and there they were discussing Judy Glass's book. At that point Terri said she hadn't finished the book yet so the jury was still out.

The few people I spoke to who read Three Junes were not enthusiastic about the book. Big question? What does a book have to have to warrant receiving a National Book Award?

I think it's time for these odd things to stop happening, but on the other hand it gave me material for a post!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

There was very little interest when the Collage class started and as time went on less and less people attended. By the time the third and last class was scheduled, there was only one person interested in completing the program. There was no point in the instructor coming out for just one person so the class was cancelled.

Before the class started I spent some time going through albums and have gathered together some old photos that I hope to use in future posts so I accomplished something.


I recently received this notice in the mail:

The federally funded NORC (Naturally Occuring Retirement Community) project at the Summit Estates is winding down. Despite everyone's attempts to secure additional federal funds to continue the project, the funding was unfortunately not allotted by Congress. Therefore the programs will be ending as of August 31, 2006

.A representative from NORC addressed the Trustees at my complex and is hoping the program will be funded again in September 2007.

In the meantime, residents expressed an interest in continuing with some of the more popular events and they would be willing to pay a fee. When movies were shown here, they were very well attended. Another popular program was the Book Club so hopefully we will still have the opportunity to enjoy those programs.

Boston Globe: A senior-care concept redefines community.


I am still pursuing the empy bottle mystery, sent them an e-mail Friday, did receive an acknowledgement from them. The reply said, "we will contact you as soon as possible." I hope that's not an empty promise!!

One of the comments that I received about the "empty bottle mystery" came from a fellow blogger who said, she experienced the same thing!! "To be continued."


On Friday, July 7 I quoted Red Buttons famous line, "Strange Things Are Happening" and in less then a week after I made that post, Red Buttons died. I saw Red Buttons when he appeared at a fund raising event in Boston, it had to be in the early 50's, I was very impressed with his talent, that was before he really made it big. After that, when he appeared on TV or the movies I would say, "I knew him when." I remember him fondly.

Friday, July 07, 2006
Does anyone out there in cyberspace remember Red Button's catchphrase, "Strange things are happening?" Well, I can relate to that.

The other day I purchased a product by Sally Hansen, it's "Hard as Nails," with Iron and Epoxy formula. When you use this product your nails won't chip, split or crack.

That's all well and good, just try to unscrew the bottle.

You could break a nail in the process. ;-)

No, that did not happened to me, BUT when I went to use the product, the brush was different then any I had ever encountered. It was a stiff white brush instead of the usual soft brown type.

Ok, things change... I put the brush in the bottle and guess what!! There was nothing in the bottle!!

I sent an e-mail to the company but so far have not received a reply. As soon as I can, will march back to the store and show them what I got for my money --- nothing!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006
I can't remember how we got started but for many years my husband and I held yard sales.

Aaron had a knack for making something out of nothing. The first thing you need when you are having a yard sale is a sign to attract the customer. He dug around in the cellar and found pieces of wood, a hammer, nails and black paint. that took care of the sign. Then we needed signs to post on poles in the area. No problem, we had plenty of boards for that.

Next, we needed tables to put "our treasurers" on. He happened to have a couple of sawhorses available, topped them with wide boards and one, two, three, we had great tables! Oh, and nature supplied a tree that had low branches so that was good for hanging clothes.

Our first yard sale was a huge success, the weather was beautiful, we had loads of customers, made some money and the big thing was we got rid of some stuff.

When our friends heard how successful we were and the fun we had, they said, "Let us know when you have another yard sale, we want to join you.

The following spring we had six couples take part in the sale. They came from neighboring towns, came early in the morning and stayed all day. Because we had so many sellers, we attracted loads of customers. It was such a success that we did this for many years.

People in the area looked forward to our sale, they knew we had good stuff and came every year. One lady told me that she looked forward to our yard sale because she was my size and liked my tops, so I had a steady customer!! Then there were those who would ask you to lower the price, well that is to be expected but I began to know my customers and some of them wanted too good of a deal , no sale to them.

Since my sellers were good friends I thought it would be nice if I served lunch so every year I made the tuna salad sandwichs and Aaron set up the drinks. Each couple brought something, chips, donuts, danish and other goodies.

That evening we would go out to dinner, talk about what happened during the day and how much money we made. We did this for many years, not only did we share a good time, we made money, got out in the fresh air and got rid of a lot of stuff.

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