Monday, August 28, 2006
Blogs: It's All About the Story
Here are notes for a presentation on blogging by Millie Garfield at Summit Estates
scheduled for Tuesday August 29, 2006.

Millie Garfield will talk about how the internet has enriched her life.

1. Questions to the audience. Introductions.

2. How I got started?

3. What is a blog and the benefits of blogging.

4. Some of my friends
- Lucy - Colorado
- Terri - Florida
- Claude - Paris
- Pattie - Texas
- Ronnie - Maine
( more on the sidebar )

Millie is Surfing the Internet

5. What I blog about?

6. How To Set Up A Blog?
- Blogger

7. Video Blogs - I Can't Open It

8. My Thoughts on Blogher

9. A Memorable Experience:
My birthday

Ronnie's post with the flowers
Dan & Billy's song
Cartoon by Chris
My Thank You's
Chris Pirillo's response

10. Wind Up

Good Luck tomorrow. I wish I could be there. Let us know all about it.
Millie Good luck.
What is Summit Estates?
Wow, Millie! Is this where you are giving the talk?
Be sure to let us know how it went. It should be interesting.

Summit Estates is the Condo development that I live at. It consists of four high rise buildings with 261 units.

The attendance at these programs usually do not draw a large crowd. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get a handful of people.

First time I'm doing something like this so it will be a learning experence.

Isn't the Internet just amazing!! You found an article that mentions the Summit Estates in Swampscott - It's about the 14th paragraph down.

Our residents are not as old as the ones shown in the article. We are no chichens but not quite 100 years old yet!!: ;-)

Funny thing happened - as soon as I posted that picture of me on the computer --I got your comment on Flicker!!
Millie - You are OUR Diva of the Blog world. You'll be fantastic...just don't offer to open anything.
Great outline for your talk, Millie. And didn't you say you're opening with the song, "Thoroughly Modern Millie"? You'll be terrific.

Break a leg, Millie, and tell us how it goes.

You gave me a GREAT laugh this morning!!

I'll be sure to take your advice!!
Hi Millie, I'm one of the lucky people I will be at your presentation. You're in the Show Business now! Good Luck
Hi Millie,
I was thrilled to be at your talk today! You were wonderful. And you had a record turnout. Thanks so much for doing this--

I look forward to learning more in the future--

How did it go, Millie? I bet you were a hit! And did you entice some more bloggers into our world? If I'd been in Swampscott, I would have been in the front seat.
Hi Terri

It went VERY WELL!!

In order to get a front row seat you would have to have been there very early. I pretty much had a full house.

I'll be blogging about it soon.
Hooray for you, Millie! That's great....nothing worse than empty (kinda like giving a party and nobody
I look forward to your blog about this.
Mille, I am surely proud to call you "friend", too!

Big Hugs your way. You are so cool.
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