Wednesday, December 27, 2006
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Millie Garfield, 81, of My Mom's Blog on Retirement Living Television, Originally broadcast on December 26, 2006. Millie talks about how she got started, the relationships she's made, and how blogging has enriched her life.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
"Pleasure" seems to have gotten lost on it's way to Florida. I'm waiting to write about some fun stuff but I think I will have to ask AAA for directions.

I knew before I got down here that my Florida internist had retired and that I would need a new doctor, never expecting I'd need one so soon. Well, I must be allergic to something down here in rainy, cloudy, windy and muggy Florida because it didn't take more then a week when I broke out in a mean looking body rash. I was concerned that this rash could be "the shingles", which if treated promptly doesn't develop into something long lasting and painful.

Fortunately I found an internist that saw me the very next day. He thought it might be the shingles or a fungal infection and gave me three prescriptions which I filled at the pharmacy.

Before I left the doctor's office I inquired about "the shingles shot" which I have heard prevents a person from getting this painful illness. He took the time to explain to me that the shot, when available, cost about $200.00 and is not covered by most medical plans. He also told me that Medicare is considering covering the cost of the shots because in the long run it would cost Medicare less, better to prevent the problem then have to cover the cost of medication once the patient has the shingles. I'll be watching out for that development.

Once I got home, I took the first dose of the prescribed medication and got ready for an afternoon that I was looking forward to, it was a book review at the local library, Burr, by Gore Vidal. About a week ago Ronni mentioned that Gore Vidal was one of her favorite authors and I thought, "how great is that, I'll make a post about it, she'll get a kick out of it."

Well, as I was getting ready to leave for the library I didn't feel just right but I thought it would pass and off I went to meet my friend, fortunately, we had arranged to go in separate cars. The librarian hadn't been into more then five minutes of her presentation when I really didn't feel well and had to leave the lecture. I was in no condition to drive so my friend drove me home in her car and after three calls to the doctor's office he finally returned my call and told me not to take anymore of that medicine until the next day. After a few hours I did feel better, we drove back to the library and I was able to drive my car back home.

I learned a few things from that experience -
1. pay attention to what your body is telling you.
2. when you start a new medication, don't plan on painting the town, wait and see how you react to it.
Maybe my next post will be, "Pleasure in Paradise!" It's about time!!

My Mom on TV Today
Mom on TV - Closeup
My mom is going to be on TV today and Ronni gives all the details, Elderblogging on RLTV Today:
"It's been a long weekend of festivities with another celebration due on Saturday, so you might need to rest up a bit. Here's a chance to do that for an hour today while checking out Retirement Living Television's take on ElderBlogging on The Daily Apple show.

The program features Millie Garfield of My Mom's Blog, Mort Reichek of Octogenarian, Susan Harris of Takoma Gardener - and me. Like the show last week, there are three ways to watch:

1. Comcast subscribers in the Middle Atlantic and New England states can watch on Channel CN8 at 3PM eastern time.
2. DirecTV subscribers can see the show on channel 238 at 12 noon and at 3PM eastern time.
3. Anyone can watch at 3PM eastern time at and at"

Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Every season when I come down to Florida there are things that need to be repaired, replaced or straightend out for whatever reason, this year was no different.

The flight down went as smooth as silk and my car arrived even before I got down here. Some years it has come days after I arrive, that's why I take a suitcase on the plane with items to cover my needs just in case my car is delayed.

Now for the minor things that need attention:
Disposal needs to be repaired - called maintenace - can live without it for a while
Dishwasher needs adjustment called maintenance can live without it for a while
Faucet in bathroom is leaking - called maintenance " can use it even though it is leaking
Rain came in through ceiling - called to report it, they will have to check the roof
Building elevator not dependable, don't know when that will be repaired - I can manage without it
My forwarded mail has not been delivered yet. I have tried calling the post office several times but I have not been able to contact the right department - Press 1, Press 2, Press 3, Press 4, Press 5. Look's like what I will have to do is go down to the post office and speak to a PERSON.

Now for the big item that really got my dander up was my phone was not working when I arrived. Weeks before I leave for Florida I call Southern Bell and arrange for them to reconnect my phone the day before i arrive just to make sure the phone is working when I get there.

Well, one of the first things I do when I arrive is check the phone- when I picked up the phone it was dead!! Fortunately Steve was with me and he had his cellphone - That's when the fun started - Now that I look back at what happened, what we should have done was kept a record of every telephone conversation we had with Southern Bell!! They were sending us back and forth to Customer Service and Repair. The left hand did not know what the right hand was doing - I'll spare you all the details which I can hardly remember myself, but it was crazy!

At one point they said the phone would be on between 11:00 am and 1:00pm, didn't happen, called again, said phone would be on by 2:00pm - didn't happen- said phone would be on by 6:00pm - didn't happen - said phone would be on by 12:00pm - didn't happen.

The next morning I was fit to be tied - I was ready to call the police emergency number of the police department. At 9:00am I gave it one more shot , called and explained what was going on and asked for the person's name. The operator said she was not allowed to give her name but gave me a number I hadn't called before and told me to ask to speak to an agent. Finally she got the message that I was furious and said that I would have my phone connected momentarily. Well, At 10:00am I finally got my phone in working order!!

Now, I live in hope that "Trouble in Paradise" will turn out to be "Pleasure in Paradise." I'll keep you posted!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006
I Can't Open It IX
Now down in Florida, Millie from My Mom's Blog has some trouble getting a Lemon Creme Cake out of it's package. She says, "It almost turned out to be a lemon."

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Mom and Sun

Before I leave for sunny Florida, I want to leave you with warm thoughts and a recipe for a delicious vegetable soup. It makes a complete and satisfying meal for a cold winter night.

Millie's Hearty Vegetable Soup

1 1/2 pounds chuck with bone
3 carrots - diced
3 stalks celery - diced
1 whole onion
1/4 cup ketchup
1 6 oz. pkg. vegetable soup mix with mushrooms
salt and pepper to taste.

Place meat and bones in a large pot, add about seven cups of water. When water comes to a boil, spoon off film that comes to the top and discard. Lower heat and add remaining ingredients with the exception of the small flavor packet which is added the last ten minutes of the cooking time. Stir occasionally.

Cook at medium-low temperature for 1 1/2 hours.

Yes, you read correctly - 1/4 cup ketchup - that really adds a lot to the flavor of the soup.

If you like a really thick soup, you can use two packages of soup mix. This soup tastes even better served the next day.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a great New Year! Stay well and stay warm!!

Monday, December 11, 2006
My friend Zadi has tagged me. ;-)

Five Things You Do Not Know About Me

1. I sold Avon for ten years - started out by going door to door in my neighborhood and eventually had a number of representatives selling for me. When Steve was a youngster I had him delivering orders using his bike. At Christmas time I had my husband and Steve help me pack up the orders. Business was good!

2. I participated in and organized many major fund raisers for Hadassah, even had my husband put on a magic show and charged admission. In one of the shows Aaron had Steve participate, he gave Steve a glass of milk and Steve made the milk disappear! That was the hit of the performance.

3. I volunteered at a Senior Day Care Center. That's where I learned that you do not ask the participant, "How Are You," They will tell you! - you say, "It's nice to see you today."

4. I had an office job where the boss chased me around the desk. That was before the term sexual harassment was used.

5. I play a game with myself when I read a comment from someone. As I read it, I try to figure out who made it - I usually get it right.

I'm not going to tag anyone but if you want to share "info" with me, I'd love to know more about you. ;-)

Thursday, December 07, 2006
Millie Garfield: Changing the World
Elisa Camahort writes about my mom in ChangeThis :: Women Bloggers: Changing Their Worlds, Changing the World:
Changing the way we age
Millie Garfield ( may not be the world's oldest blogger, but at age 81 she's likely close to it. Millie has discovered an entirely new world full of friends from all over the world and ideas from all over the map. We've probably all seen older relatives whose worlds seem to grow smaller as they age. Their friends die or move away; their family may shrink; their physical health may prevent them from getting out and about like they did. Physical and emotional isolation are detrimental to to anyone's health, let alone those whose condition may already be vulnerable. Blogging represents a way to expand our world and to stay connected to it. It also provides an opportunity to continue to exercise the brain ... reading, writing, debating, formulating ideas, imagining how various experiences can contribute to tomorrow's blog post! Blogging and active participation in the blog community has the potential to change the way we age, providing unprecedented mental stimulation and emotional fulfillment. Millie doesn't have the time to wonder whether blogging 'keeps her young' ... it keeps her too busy.

Monday, December 04, 2006
Do you remember the expression, "butterfingers?" Well, that was me this week. I don't know whether it's the new medicine I have been taking or it's just one of those things that happens with age.

Well, this is what happened the other day after I made some purchases using my credit card. When I got back in the car I attempted to put my credit card back in it's proper place in my wallet. Well, what do you know, the credit card slipped out of my hand and fell between the two front seats of the car! Oh my, how can you live without a credit card, - had to retrieve it, but how?

First I tried moving the drivers seat back - what I discovered there were things like old candy wrappers and a few bottle caps. I could see the credit card in an upright position to one side but there was no way I could grab hold of it. What to do??

I needed something small and sharp to pull it out with, my fingers certainly could not do that.

Then it dawned on me, I keep a small scissors in my bag for the times when "I Can't Open It" on the road; like a packet of salad dressing, or a soy sauce packet, or a stubborn ketchup packet.

You know that saying that the Boy Scouts are known for, "Always Be Prepared," Me too! ;-)

The scissors did the trick. CHARGE!

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