Sunday, August 29, 2010

In order for me to get to visit a friend of mine who is in a rehab I had to take the MBTA ride. I still drive but the rehabilitation center is located in an area that I am not familiar with. When I called to book the ride, I told them I wanted to be at my destination at 3:00 p.m. and be picked up for the return trip at 4:30 p.m.

The night before they called me to let me know that the driver would pick me up at 1:30 p.m. ( by car it would probably take 45 minutes) Since I am not the only passenger, they schedule the ride according to where other people are going and make the pick-ups accordingly. One person had to be dropped off and another had to be picked up. That way you get a grand tour that you could do without.

There was an exception to what I just said. I was born in the city of Chelsea and this was my destination. I haven't visited Chelsea in years and if I didn't know where I was I would think I was in a totally foreign place. We drove down the main street which once was the main shopping center of the city. As I remember "Broadway" - there were dress shops, shoe stores, a bank, a coffee shop, a movie theatre, a bakery and a 5 and 10 cent store.

I saw nothing familiar - a few grocery stores and a number of "cash your check stores." I have been out of Chelsea for a good 50 years so what can a person expect? Change happens.

Even with that grand tour I did arrive at my destination at 3:00 p.m.

"The Visit"

My friend is at the Leonard Florence Center for Living. This rehabilitation center is the nation's first urban model Green House. All residents have their own bedrooms, bath and shower. A few feet away is a large dining room, living room and kitchen.

When I entered the lobby I felt like I was walking into the large lobby of a beautifully decorated hotel. To the left I saw a cafe, a bakery and a Kosher deli.

As the brochure said, "these amenities allow you to literally "get out of the house," socializing with family, friends and others in the community."

I checked in at the desk and was told my friend was on the 5th floor - I didn't get her room number and thought, when I get up there I would ask at the desk. Surprise - there is no nurses station - it still looks like a hotel - The floor is divided into two sections, each section has 10 rooms. I finally did find someone who directed me to her room.

She's getting the best of care, is in good spirits and hopefully will be able to return to her home in the near future. By the way, with all the good things that the center offers, it still has one improvement to be made - the food has to be better!!

Update 8/30:
Boston Globe: Model homes - A ‘Green House’ in Chelsea provides skilled or elder care on a family-like site

Sunday, August 22, 2010
Zits is my favorite cartoon and I just had to share this one with you!!

Usually it's his parents that are the ones who have a hard time with him, but the tables got turned today!

Poor kid, he realizes what could be in his future.


Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman
Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman's popular comic "Zits", the story of a teen and his parents trying to coexist (with humorous results), debuted in 1997 and has been running strong ever since. Pulitzer Prize winner Borgman collaborated with Scott after working as a cartoonist with the Cincinnati Enquirer, while Scott continued work on his other popular comic, "Baby Blues." Both minds behind "Zits" carry on multiple projects in addition to their collaborative work, which have earned them both multiple recognitions both together and on their own. The comic is now syndicated in over 1,300 newspapers nationwide, and has won the National Cartoonists Society's top prize for Newspaper Comic Strip in both 1998 and 1999.

Read Zits Now.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Years ago when I was a child the admission price to get into the movies was .25 cents if you were under twelve years of age, over twelve you had to pay a few pennies more. Most children never got to be older than twelve!

Entrance to a movie house, Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee,...

The same thing was true on street cars, the older you were, the more you had to pay. This happened in the 1930's, money was tight and every nickel mattered.

On the other hand if you asked a child how old they were they would say, "I'm 10 1/2, going to be eleven soon. They were anxious to be older!

In my case if you ask me how old I am, I'm happy to tell you I'm going to be 85 in a few days.

When I was a lot younger I would not like to reveal my age. Funny how things change.


This afternoon I attended the Bridal Shower for a young lady who's fiance is the grandson of a life-long friend of mine. I haven't seen her children and grandchildren in many years so this was a very special occasion for me.

I saw her children grow up, have children of their own and now "the children" are getting married! That's when you really see how "Time Goes By."

The guests were mainly women in their 20's and 30's wearing what is in the height of fashion these days - VERY short dresses, some dresses were strapless and the shoes were either high wedges or very high heels.

Even when I was younger I never wore a heel like that!

The future bride and groom had a great time opening their gifts which included a crock pot, a skillet and a wok. The groom was especially pleased with those gifts, it appears he's going to be the cook in the family. Now he's wondering where they are going to store all those wonderful gifts.

Kimberly Wright Shower

That should be their only problem!

The afternoon flew by with much enjoyable conversation about "remember when," a delicious brunch, a clever special bingo game and the unwrapping of all the presents.

Don't worry Adam, as time goes by you'll find a place for all those goodies!

Thanks everyone for the Happy Birthday Wishes! It's always exciting see all the comments from everyone!

I'd like to share this photo that Claude posted on her blog for me:

Sunday, August 08, 2010
I Can't Open It - McCormick Sea Salt Grinder

Millie bought a McCormick Sea Salt Grinder because she heard that it was good. Problem was, she couldn't open it!

So she waited for her son Steve to come over to help. In the video she explains her problem.

Watch the results!

Remove cap. Turn upside down and twist.

McCormick Sea Salt Grinder 12/2.12 oz

On the web:
McCormick Compliment - Take this with a grain of SEA salt , Sea Salt Grinder

Secrets in Stereo - Tonight
Used with permission of Josh Ryan

Steve Garfield

Sunday, August 01, 2010
I Found these "STRESSFUL MOMENTS" on a placemat at a local restaurant.


Carol wants nothing to do with the pig
I would rather lie on a sofa, than sweep under it.

Heart Shapped and Pretty Richart Dark Chocolates
Used to be my true love brought me chocolate. Now, my true love is chocolate.

Early to bed, early to rise... still doesn't give you enough time to get everything done.

No matter how long you wait for a phone call, it won't come until you step away from your desk.

Three People Howling at the Moon at ROFLcon
Some people will take you right to the edge. Others will push you over.

Hertz: Toyota Camry
No matter where you go or when you leave, somebody always beats you to the best parking space.

Bride and Roses in the Rain
"A rose by any other name"... is still expensive.

Get Seen: Framed Book Jacket
"People who think they know it all":... write self-help books!

Chris and Millie
Don't feel bad. You still have everything you had when you were 17. It's just lower than it used to be.

Comcast TiVo Remote
"A dog is man's best friend"... except for the remote of course!

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