Tuesday, December 28, 2004
This morning I had an early appointment, for me that means 10:00am so I had to move fast and did not take the time to check the cash in my wallet. I had a long list of things to take care of, one of which was to pick up movie tickets for New Years Eve. Here in Florida the movies are very popular and they do sell tickets in advance.

I found out years ago that if you want to see a particular movie at a certain time you either have to get there early or buy the tickets days before, especially on a holiday like New Years Eve. Well I was elected to buy the tickets for my friends and by the time I got to the box office I was low on cash! What to do? My life saver came in handy again.

My husband always kept a $20 bill in the trunk of the car for just such a situation, so again I say, Thank you Aaron for that great idea!


Sunday, December 26, 2004
The other day I went to the local flea market, first time this season. From year to year there is always something new, this season it is slot machines. How it works is you put your money in and IF you win you get points which entitles you to gift certificates from local merchants. I looked but did not touch!

What I always treat myself to at this market is a butter pecan ice cream cone, sometimes I even have it for lunch.

Before you enter the flea market there is a vendor that sells fruits and vegetables. Since it was December 24th everything was closing up early, items were practically given away.

On my way into the flea market, I noticed that asparagus was $1 a bunch.

On my way out, it had been marked down to 50 cents a bunch!

Good thing I like asparagus.

That was more fun then the shopping I did on the inside!


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

In Florida the restaurants come and go just like the tide. Every season I find old restaurants gone and new ones try to make a go of it.

Last season there was a large grocery store that had what I think was a concession wagon that sold hot dogs and drinks. That was a handy place to pick up a fast and tasty lunch. Well one day I stopped by and thought I would treat myself to a high cholesterol lunch. The server gave me my hot dog and a can of soda. I helped myself to a napkin and two straws. He said, "Lady you can not have two straws!"

He never saw me again, not only that, I told all my friends about that incident. Now I come down this season and guess what? He is gone. I guess that was the straw that broke the camels back.


Tuesday, December 21, 2004
While my son Steve was here visiting I thought it would be a good idea for us to go out for breakfast so he could have the Florida breakfast experience. I warned him that once we got there he should expect to wait because "The 3 G's" was very popular and there always is a long wait. Well we got there and were seated immediately! Very surprising.

I found out later that a restaurant up the street was offering the same breakfast for a dollar less and they included pastry. Aha! That is why we had no wait.

The other day my friend and I spent the day together, we both had a late breakfast and were ready for an early dinner so off we went to "The 3 G's." We got there at 3:30P.M. and what a line! It did not take more then 20 minutes and we were seated. The meal was excellent, complete dinner for $9.50.

Saturday night I got together with a few girls and went to "New China Buffet." As the ad says it is a super Chinese buffet with over 200 selections. I did not touch the salad bar, did not touch the sushi bar and pretty much ignored the main entries. Spent my caloriers on the appetizers which were the best I ever had.

Then the desserts, you name it they had it. When we finished all that, the waiter brought us fortune cookies which I chose to take home.

The next day I opened my cookie and this is what it said "Confucius say "GO ON A DIET".


Friday, December 17, 2004
Hi, This is Millie
On my recent trip down to Florida to help my mom set up her condo, I had to help her record her outgoing answering machine message.

The recording didn't come out the way she wanted it to.

She immediately wanted to re-record it, but I prevailed, and persuaded her to keep this version on there.

Most of her friends love it.

Some can't understand it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004
The other day one of the things I wrote about was playing Mah Jongg at the pool, well this is what happened.

The first girl to sit out went over to a man that was sunning himself and she started to kibbitz with him. Come to find out she knew him from Massachusetts and this was his first season at King's Point.

When it was time for the second girl to sit out, she went over and started to kibbitz with him. She found out that he lost his wife a year ago and was very lonely.

She also found out that he was living in Burgundy D. That is the building that I live in!

Well, when it was time for me to sit out, I went over and started to kibbitz with him. I told him I came from Massachusetts also. He said he came from Chicago! I asked, "where do you live at King's Point." He said, Monaco! WHAT! Wrong man!!!

Apparently the other man had left and this man took his chair. How could that have happened? The men all look alike here, they are bald and have big stomachs!!


Sunday, December 12, 2004
My son Steve came down to Flordia to help get his mother settled. While he was here the weather was beautiful, in the mid 80's. He loves the whole Flordia experience, the sunshine, the way the roads are laid out and the great pastries.

He went back up north yesterday and low and behold when I woke up this morning I had to put the heat on! The sun was shining but it was chilly in the condo. It did not take long to get the chill out and by afternoon it was just perfect.

Tomorrow I will have my first Mah Jongg game by the pool, we have five players so when one girl sits out she can go into the pool if it is warm enough,kibbitz or just relax on a lounge.

Such is life in sunny Florida.


Friday, December 10, 2004
Adelphia Cable Modem Installation
I was helping my mom get settled in her condo, and had to figure out how to install a cable modem. It's fairly easy to do, but there wasn't any information on the web explaining how to do it.

Now there is.

Here's how to install an Aldelphia Cable modem on a Macintosh computer:

Our installation took place at Kings Point, Delray Beach, Florida.

The easiest thing to do is go to the nearest Aldelphia office.

From Kings point, head EAST on Linton and take a LEFT onto 4th Ave at the Shell Gas Station.

1595 S.W. 4th Ave
Delray Beach

Sign up for Cable modem
Bring Cable modem home
Remove COAX cable, coming in to house, from your TV.

Attach COAX Cable coming in to house to splitter [ IN ]
Attach COAX Cable from splitter [ OUT ] to TV
Attach COAX Cable from splitter [ OUT ] to Cable Modem

Power off computer

Attach Ethernet cable from cable modem to computer

Plug in power on cable modem
Power on computer

Call 1-888-683-1000 and give the operator your cable modem's MAC ID. It looks like this: 003449HG48EE

The internet should be working after they activate your modem.

That's how I did it. You might be able to install your MAC ID by following the instructions in the box, but I didn't have to. No additional software was needed to get going on my Macintosh.

We first tried to hook up the modem in the kitchen and it did not work. The signal was too weak. When the installation guy from Adelphia came, he told me that the cable going to the kitchen was a jury-rigged cable. We then went into the den and used that cable. No problem there. It was a strong signal.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Home Delivery

Home Delivery [ QuickTime ]
I was down in Florida with my mom, getting her all set up in her condo for the winter.

Her car was being shipped down, but had not arrived yet, so we ordered out for food.

My idea.

She had NEVER ordered out for food before.

Here's what happened...

Monday, December 06, 2004
Hanukkah Unwrapped
My mom schedules Hanukkah at her convenience. So we got together on Sunday.

When I was little, I used to get eight presents, one for each night of Hanukkah.

We don't do that anymore. We've pretty much done away with giving each other big gifts. Now we just exchange fun little gifts.

One of the things that we always do is try to guess what's in the package before opening it.
Back when we used to give lots of presents, I was like a genius at guessing. We used laugh so hard at how I guessed what was inside the gifts.

We still try and guess. Mom mom had a lot of fun opening her gifts this year.

Take a look at the video. [ QuickTime 8.46 MB ]

Hanukkah presents unwrapped by my mom to the music of Oy To The World, A Klezmer Christmas.

Thanks again to Paul Libman of Libman Music for allowing me to use this song in my video.

Click here to watch the presents being wrapped!

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