Thursday, August 31, 2006
I've been thinking about how I could pay tribute to Milt Rebman of Milt's Muse and after reading Ronni's post, The Need for a Final Blog Post, got an idea .... In Milt's style .......

This is a weather report from Cape Cod, Mass. dated July 14, 1957.

The skies are overcast and it looks like a storm is brewing, the winds are whipping up, no chance of sun today. It would be a good day to just look out of the window, but we're going outside the window regardless, we will go down to the ocean and see what mother nature is up to.

We were honeymooning at the Cape that year, the weather was stormy, it was a Sunday and at that time Massachusetts had strict Blue Laws, the only store that was open that day was a drug store ( that's what they called them in those days,) there was no such thing as CVS or Walgreens.

As soon as I walked in the store I spied a large framed print of Van Gogh's Sun Flowers, it was love at first sight, bought it, brought it home and hung it in our living room where we enjoyed it for many years.

That's how I got hooked on sunflowers!

This story is for you Milt.

Monday, August 28, 2006
Blogs: It's All About the Story
Here are notes for a presentation on blogging by Millie Garfield at Summit Estates
scheduled for Tuesday August 29, 2006.

Millie Garfield will talk about how the internet has enriched her life.

1. Questions to the audience. Introductions.

2. How I got started?

3. What is a blog and the benefits of blogging.

4. Some of my friends
- Lucy - Colorado
- Terri - Florida
- Claude - Paris
- Pattie - Texas
- Ronnie - Maine
( more on the sidebar )

Millie is Surfing the Internet

5. What I blog about?

6. How To Set Up A Blog?
- Blogger

7. Video Blogs - I Can't Open It

8. My Thoughts on Blogher

9. A Memorable Experience:
My birthday

Ronnie's post with the flowers
Dan & Billy's song
Cartoon by Chris
My Thank You's
Chris Pirillo's response

10. Wind Up

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Video: My Mom Thanks You

Millie thanks everyone for their birthday greetings!

Special thanks to: Claude for the Sunflower, McVlog for the song, bLaugh for the comic and Ronni for planning the surprise and sending the flowers and chocolate!

Chris Pirillo has a video response of him watching your video!

Ronni sums it all up.

Friday, August 18, 2006
Birthday Comic from Chris Pirillo and Fitz
Thoroughly Older Millie
[Use the Coupon Code “bLaugh” to save 10% on your next GoDaddy purchase]

Chris Pirillo and Brad Fitzpatrick highlight my mom's birthday on today's bLaugh comic, and follow it up with a list of 10 things she can’t open.

This is hillarious!

Birthday Video from Daniel McVicar

Daniel McVicar enlists Billy Vera to sing and play "Millie Make Some Chili" as a birthday greeting.

You'll be smiling after you watch this!

Thursday, August 17, 2006
Happy Birthday!

Claude from Paris posted this beautiful image of sunflowers on her blog to wish my mom, Millie, a happy 81st birthday. She's a few hours ahead of us so it's already tomorrow in Paris. ;-)

My mom loves sunflowers!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Saturday, August 12, 2006
SINGLE in the 50's
My girfriends and I were ahead of the times in the 50's. At that time girls were getting married in their early twenties but all my friends were in their late twenties and still single.

When vacation time came around we would go to resorts in the Berkshires or the Adirondacks depending on what arrangemnets we could make to get there since none of us drove.

Some resorts offered a package deal which included a week stay at their hotel plus door to door transportation.

One summer we spent a week at Scaroon Manor in the Adirondacks and while there we had the opportunity to visit Green Mansions which was not to far away. Well, we had the greatest time there, better then the entire week at Scaroon Manor.

The following summer when we started to talk about where we wanted to go for our annual vacation, Green Mansions was mentioned time and again. The problem was we had no way of getting there!

I thought about and thought about it and a light went on! One of my friends (who did not join us on these trips) had a single brother. Aha!! I would ask Lou if he would drive three girls to Green Mansions and we would pay for his vacation. He did not hesitate for a minute...

Well, when Lou picked us up he also had to load up his car with our luggage. If any of you are familiar with what went on at those resorts, the girls practically emptied their closets, after all, you had to have changes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
He wasn't to happy about all that luggage in his car.

Well it didn't take to long before he started to have car trouble, fortunately we weren't to far from a service station. I can't tell you now what part was broken but whatever it was had to be repaired and it cost him a bundle. I don't remember if we pitched in to help him with this unexpected expense.

Anyway, he found out that there is no free lunch!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006
When I was getting ready to go to Blogher I had a few concerns:

- How was I going to handle the long flight to San Jose
- How would I adjust to the time difference and
- How was I going to keep up with all those young people.

Not to worry, I did just fine.

Last summer I went to Senior Summer School, it was a two week trip where we attended classes and did some sightseeing. They had us on a tight schedule, every hour was planned, they kept us busy morning, noon and night. I found it hard to keep up especially since I had to adjust to the altitude.

Garfields by jdlasica, uploaded from flickr.
Here I was with people much younger then myself and I did just fine. The schedule was flexible and I could come and go as I pleased. The first day's sessions were too technical for me so I had the pleasure of spending the day at the pool.

That afternoon who do I see but some of Steve's friends that I knew through the their videos, and ones that Steve has done of them. What a thrill it was to see Jay Dedman and Schlomo Rabinovitz. Later in the day I had a chance to talk to Ryanne Hodson who I have followed for the past few years.

That evening went out to dinner with Steve, Amanda Congdon and Zadi Diaz, what fun to be with such live wires. Amanda said she liked hanging out with such a 'cool cat' and Zadi loved being with me!

Wherever I went people would stop me, tell me they read my blog and what an inspiration I am. The common thread was how they wish their parents would start blogging.

One afternoon I was sitting in the lobby and this handsome gentleman introduced himself to me. "My name is 'Daniel."

At the time I did not know that "Daniel" was a star on "The Bold and the Beautiful" for ten years!

At the welcome reception at the pool I was in the company of Robert Scoble, Dave Winer, J. D. Lasica, Eric Rice and Daniel McVicar.

Steve knows all these people, that explains why I was in such good company.

At the morning session, "How Has Blogging Changed Your World," I had an opportunity to answer that question.

Amanda Congdon was seated next to me and lo and behold a fan of mine came over and asked AMANDA to take a picture of the two of us!! What a good sport Amanda was!!

When the session broke the media was there, waiting their turn to interview me!!


When Blogher was over, Steve and I went to San Francisco where we met Scholomo and his mother for lunch. He has done some video blogs of her, so the two mothers had an opportunity to meet.

What impressed me the most about the attendees that I met was how talented they all are, writers, producers, social media marketing people, etc. etc. In my day if you were a school teacher or an office manager that was a big deal. Today the sky is the limit!

The plane has landed but I am still flying high!!

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Extended Interview: Millie at Blogher

Get this video and more at
From Brian Shields at KRON-TV.

Check out the final report on Blogher that aired on TV.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Voices of BlogHer

Paul Gillin interviews Millie Garfield on Voices of BlogHer:
"80 years old w/attitude. Check out "I can’t open it!" Hilarious!"
For those new to My Mom's Blog, here are the previous I Can't Open It videos:

Can't Open It I
Can't Open It II
Can't Open It III
Can't Open It IV
Can't Open It V
Can't Open It VI

Also, here's my mom's 80th birthday post that got lots of comments. It was an internet birthday party!

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